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At JN Firewood we are passionate about our business. JN Firewood offers the finest quality and best selection of cooking wood, chiminea wood and firewood in the world for home, restaurant, and commercial use. We carry many types of wood in several different forms to meet all of your needs. We are an environmentally conscious company and work with other groups such as the Department of Natural Resources and state certified loggers to offer readily-available, quality wood products.

We ship nationwide so you now have access to the finest firewood and cooking wood products at the best prices. Our wood is dried in approved kilns and naturally seasoned, so it’s ready to enhance the flavor of your grilled or smoked foods at home or in your business.


We package and ship exactly the wood products that you order. We never mix in other unwanted or substandard wood products. JN Firewood supplies cooking woods to gourmet restaurants around the country.  Give us a chance to exceed your expectations.

About Premium Firewood

Our firewood is naturally seasoned and dried or kiln dried, then delivered to your door neat, clean and guaranteed dry – not tree service wood. Try our Red Oak for a long hot fire for heat or our Birch that is easy to light and has a pretty blue flame.

About Fragrant Woods

Fill your home with aroma and warmth of fragrant wood. We have several fragrant woods to choose from. Combine different woods to create the perfect scent for your home. Our fragrant wood comes cut and split 15”-16” long, packed and shipped in 25-30 lb boxes.

About Cooking Woods

Whether it is for a smoker, a fire, a pizza oven, or a grill, we have the perfect variety of cooking wood options to help you perfect your menu. Try our flavored wood chips and add a variety of smoky flavors to your favorite meat.

About Decorative Woods

Birch decorative logs can add beauty and charm to any fireplace setting. Our birch logs are 2”- 4” in diameter and come in a variety of lengths. We also do custom cuts and sizes for all projects from small crafts to beams in your home.


alderAlder Trees are commonly found near streams, rivers, and wetlands. Interesting fact, some  Native American cultures use red alder bark to treat poison oak, insect bites, and skin irritations. Alder wood is often used to smoke various foods. Its smoke is lighter and sweeter than the heavy smoke woods. Alder is great for smoking fish, best used on salmon but works wonders on game birds and pork. It burns at a cool temp and medium length.

Aapplepple Trees originated in Central Asia. The apple is a deciduous tree and can grow up to 39 ft. The tree in known for its delicious fruit, the apple. It’s also a great wood to smoke meat. Apple wood produces light sweet/ tart smoke. Apple is great for lighter meat such as pork, poultry and fish. Works great for tossing up a flavor with Red Oak and Hickory. Burns at a medium temp and a shorter burn.
cherryCherry Trees can grow to be 30” tall. It is the most widely planted ornamental tree in the United States. Few trees can rival the cherry tree for the beauty of its spring blossoms. It’s also known for the sweet flavor the wood produces. It’s a great cooking wood to smoke on its own but also mixes well with Hickory or Pecan. Cherry wood gives your meats a dark rich color and enhances the presentation of your food. Burns at a medium temp and a shorter burn.
hickoryHickory is an American tree of the walnut family. It can grow to 100 feet in height and about 25 feet wide . Hickory wood is very hard, stiff, and dense and shock resistant. The hardwood from hickory trees is valuable for building furniture and smoking meat. It is the most common wood used to smoke meat. It has an intense flavor. Hickory is best used when smoking red meats, chicken or pork. Hickory has a high BTU when burning. Mixes well with fruit woods or is amazing on its own. Burns at a higher temp and a longer burn time.
mesquiteMesquite trees are a common sight in desert areas. They often grow along desert streams, in thickets below 5,500 feet and on hillsides. The wood from a mesquite tree is a good firewood choice because it burns slowly. The wood is dense and dark red/brown in color with a very rough bark. It is also used for smoking meats. Mesquite wood has distinct intense smoke. Its flavor is rich and delicious on its own. It is a Southern Texas favorite. Mesquite is used for beef, pork, poultry and fish. Burns at a higher temp and a longer burn time
mapleMaple trees are a common sight in the northern United States. Their stunning colors and distinct leaves make them easy to identify. Sugar maples, the largest maple tree, are known to reach over 100 feet tall when fully mature. Maple wood produces a lovely mellow and mild smoke. Best used for the light hint of smoke flavor. Popular combinations with maple are vegetables, poultry and pork. Burns at a medium temp and a medium burn time.
Red Oak
redoakRed Oak is the most prominent tree in the United States,  you will find the red oak tree growing along streets and in yards across the country. It can thrive in just about any soil, provides abundant shade, and has intensely bright red fall colors. It is fast growing and can grow up to two feet every year for ten years. Red Oak is the master of smoking woods. It is an all around good for everything wood. It works great on beef, pork, chicken and fish. It mixes well with fruits to give it a twist. It is a milder oak flavor and a hint of sweet. Burns at a higher temp and a longer burn time.
White Oak
whiteoakThe White Oak Tree can be found in the Eastern United States. They are an exceptional species for large and scaping purposes, providing shade as well as acorns for wildlife to feed on. White Oaks may grow up to 150 feet tall with trunks as wide as 8 feet, the typical white oak is 60 to 80 feet tall. It will take a white oak as long as 100 years to attain a height of about 100 feet. White Oak is a popular smoking wood. It has a heavy dark smoke and is similar to Mesquite wood with its intense smoke flavor. It will give your food a dark color for a smoked food look. It has a powering flavor that can give your meat that extra kick. Burns at a higher temp and has longer burn time.
pecanThe pecan is native to the rich and fertile ground found in the floodplains of the Mississippi Valley. The ideal spot for pecan trees is along streams and rivers, as the soil is deep and water is abundant. Pecan trees are very useful, the wood can be used smoke and barbeque. Similar flavor to Hickory but milder and sweeter taste. It has unique flavor of spice and nut. Pecan works great with chicken, fish and ribs. Mix with other fruit woods to create a unique flavor. Burns at cooler temp and has a slow burn time.