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Premium Firewood For Restaurants

JNF provides the premium wood for restaurants with wood fired ovens, grills, and smokers. We work directly with our clients to provide diligent customer service, and the best quality product for serving at your tables. We ship anywhere in the United States, we service deliveries within Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, Iowa, Nebraska, and Utah.

We also offer special service to businesses who use logs as fuel preparing food for steak houses, pizza shops, bread bakers, etc. We only sell selected hardwood species, ensuring maximum heat output, slow burning as well as pleasant aroma and taste.

JN Firewood supplies restaurants with the following types of firewood:

  • 100% Hickory
  • 100% Cherry
  • 100% Oak
  • Pizza oven wood
  • BBQ wood and much more

All wood products are heat treated to USDA Standards.


Premium Firewood For Wholesaler

JNF offers top quality wholesale kiln dried logs delivered by shipping containers to most destinations. We offer kiln dried logs packed into various size nets, plastic bags, pallet- crates and etc. Contact us to discuss your requirements, prices and available delivery options.

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