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Premium firewood for your lifestyle


The finest quality and best selection of firewood.
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A variety of fast burning chips

Wood Chips

A handful or two give a light smoke; soak in water for a longer burn.
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For a slower burn and smoke

Wood Chunks

Wood chunks provide a slow and steady source of smoky flavor.
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Charming beauty and warmth

Decorative Wood

Birch decorative logs can add beauty and charm to any fireplace setting.
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Fill your home with aroma and warmth

Fragrant Wood

Cut and split 15``-16`` long; packed and shipped in 25-30 lb. boxes. Several to choose from.
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Perfectly sized for your chiminea

Chiminea Wood

For use in chimineas, outdoor fireplaces, large off-set smokers or fire pits.
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Apple, cherry, maple, and red oak

Pizza Oven Wood

Smaller wood is great for smaller personalized pizza ovens and managing temperature.
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For the wood fire gourmet

Cooking Wood

For smokers, fires, pizza ovens, or grills, we have the perfect variety of cooking wood options to help you perfect your menu.
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